Upholstery Cleaning

The Value in Steam Cleaning

At AAA Carpet Cleaning, we have seen it all, and we understand life happens! Life happens a lot to furniture! Upholstered furniture can take quite a beating with kid’s spills, pet’s hair and grubby paws, and even wood burning fireplaces that can spread soot in your home. Whatever the case may be...we’re at your service! 

When it comes to our furniture, most of us don’t really want to think about what we can’t see that might be sitting there on the couch with us during a movie...or on the chairs during dinner...or on the mattress while we sleep...

Think about it for a second...upholstery has lots of contact with us! It acts as a filter just like our carpets and clothing. And just like our carpets, it collects dirt, dust, dust mites and bacteria. So it also needs to be cleaned periodically from time to time. Not just when you can’t stand how dirty it looks anymore! You wouldn’t wear the same clothes day after day for months without washing them! (Unless we’re talking about a lucky sports related superstition). Our furniture has daily contact with us. Our bodies shed skin (fun fact: dust is made up 95% of dead skin) and guess where it ends up? Everywhere!

Whether you have spills or spots or the section above just plain grossed you out, having your furniture cleaned periodically is a good idea for your health. And it’s a great idea to have AAA Carpet Cleaning come out to do a deep cleaning for you! Our truck mounted steam cleaning and specialized cleaning solutions get the job done! Say good bye to contaminates and feel good about having a clean home! 

Don’t forget to ask about our Scotch Guard service to help protect your newly cleaned upholstery! It helps repell stains, spots and dirt, keeping your furniture clean longer. 

We we also clean upholstery in vehicles, planes, boats, rv’s...you name it!