Emergency Water Damage

Water Extraction and Drying

When the pipes burst, when the roof leaks, when the toilet overflows...when you’ve got a puddle of water in your home, you’ve got a problem. That’s when you should call us! We can handle your problem!

Our company specializes in Water Damage. No need to wait until the morning to call, our office is available 24/7 to help you with your emergency. The sooner you call us the better. In some cases, water or moisture may get into walls or other spaces you can’t see and if left untreated will cause mold and mildew to grow. Then your problem gets much worse. Mold and mildew left untreated can cause severe illness. 

Dont wait or talk all yourself into thinking it’s not a big deal. Water damage is something you need professional help with. Our specially trained technicians will come in, assess the damage, take moisture readings, and extract the water. In some cases, flooring, padding and drywall may need to be removed. Our technicians know what to do! We will bring in dehumidifiers and commercial grade fans to dry out your space. When the moisture readings are back to normal we clean your space and help you get back to normal. 

It sounds like a huge scary process but the truth is, it’s even scarier what will happen if water damage is not treated properly. When it’s over with, you will have the peace of mind that you were proactive and called us to service you. And in most cases, your insurance will cover most of the cost if not all. We are happy to work with your insurance adjuster. 

Don’t let a flood in your home become a bigger issue that could affect your health and well being. Call us and let us help you!