Tile & Grout Cleaning

The Value in Steam Cleaning

Tired of using an old toothbrush to clean your grout lines? Can’t get your natural stone to look as clean as it used to? Limited to only a few cleaner solutions you can use on the kind of tile you have and it just doesn’t get the job done?

We get it. There’s a reason why household cleaning never seems to give you the clean you‘re looking for when it comes to your tile and grout...and it’s not you. And it’s not the cleaners you’re using. Tile and grout are just plain stubborn and hard to clean!  Especially old stains or deep stains that seeped down into your grout lines. Grout and many types of tile and stone are porous, like your skin. Over time, dirt and grime are absorbed into those pores. Buildup makes your tile look dingey. And it’s very hard to draw up that dirt, grime, and buildup with just household cleaners and good old fashioned elbow grease. When mopping and scrubbing just won’t cut it, you should use our Tile & Grout Cleaning service. Be prepared to be wowed. We are going to be your new and favorite tile and grout cleaning method. It’s not magic, but pretty close.

Here‘s how we do it: We put our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning to good use...thankfully, it’s not only just for cleaning your carpet! Our steam cleaning and specialized cleaning solutions get down deep into your tile and grout lines. The dirt, grime and buildup are brought up to the surface and then removed with our strong vacuum. We safely and effectively clean floors, countertops, showers and more! And right after cleaning, we strongly suggest you have us add a coat of sealer to prevent soil re-entry into your freshly cleaned surface. Our specific sealers keep your tile and grout protected. It helps to keep contaminates out, on the surface, where it belongs, and where you can easily clean it up to maintain a healthy space.